Thursday, 19 April 2012

Dreary weather and its benefits

The weather this week has been so dreary and gloomy! Its been raining non-stop thus making it difficult commuting. I have to go to work in the rain and looking outside the window now has kinda dampened my spirit, the rain is pelting down heavily and I cannot but worry how I will make it home in this rain.

Interestingly, a few weeks ago there was an announcement regarding the shortage of water in the UK and a potential drought was declared only a few days ago (read this report). Why therefore should I be upset at the rain? It is a blessing from God!
I should be thankful rather than grumble at the rain. The rain means crops will grow and we will have water to drink. What I regard as a little inconvinience is indeed a blessing from God. We should apply this same attitude to seemingly unpleasant situations. In all things give thanks, beacuse it is working together for our good.

Rain here I come! I'm happy you are here!