Wednesday, 2 January 2013

No Resolution

Its the beginning of a new year and just like previous years, I am tempted to make new year resolutions! I guess we all make resolutions because we feel we have a clean slate to make amends where we failed. Last year just like previous years I resolved in my heart to do things differently. Whilst I succeeded in some, I failed in others and the feeling of guilt on 31/12./2012 clouded my judgement until God delivered me.

The truth is I didnt fail at all for not accomplishing all my resolutions in 2012. If anything I am a better person than I was on 01/01/2012. I am wiser and I learnt a lot of things about myself. I am thankful for my family, friends and experiences 2012 brought and because of that I have resolved not to put pressure on myself in 2013.

The only goal I have set myself in 2013 is to stretch myself to be a better person and to do the impossible which in myself I cant do alone but with God's help I can.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.