Wednesday, 26 November 2014


A few months ago whilst I was on my way out, I bumped into my neighbor who was gardening. She seemed particularly engrossed with a plant in a unique flower pot. I was more interested in the flower pot to be honest and asked her where she got it from. she went on to tell me it was passed on to her by her mother (by the way my neighbor is in her late 60s) and she has had the plant in the pot for 25 years!

below is the plant in the pot

Would you be shocked if I told you that the plant you see in the flower pot is an Oak tree?!!! I tell you I was shocked and something jolted within me. How can an oak tree be so small? Its 25 years old for crying out loud. it should be doing a lot more than sitting in a pot!! check out the image below for a "proper" oak tree.

I do not know the age of the tree above but I sure know that a 25 year old tree should be somewhat close to that in height and should have more leaves. 

My Neighbor's tree is obviously TRAPPED (pardon my shouting). Does this resonate with something on the inside of you? Can you think of areas in your life where you may be trapped? Where you should be flourishing but are not? Have you limited yourself by not thinking or stepping outside the box?  

As I was talking to my neighbor she noticed my shock and said " I really ought to go plant this oak tree in the forest so it can reach its full potential" and I couldn't agree more. To be trapped in that little pot for over 25 years is against the purpose of the oak tree. Just like me, think about areas in your life where you may be trapped and make that decision to break free! Selah

I could go on and on about the message I got from my little encounter but I wont, think about it for yourself and make that change!