Monday, 2 July 2012

My battle with acne

Pre - October 2010
Before I got pregnant over 2 years ago, I was one of those ladies with a blemish free face. I only ever had one or two pimples when it was that time of the month and that was it.  So about 6 months into my pregnancy, my face started erupting with pimples! You can imagine my horror when I looked into the mirror and not only had my face and nose doubled in size, but my entire face had spots! People said that I would be back to my old self after the baby came and I believed them.

Present Day
How wrong they were! My kid is 20 months old and I still battle with acne. I have tried a lot of treatments and just when I think I may have found the magic cure, the acne comes back with a vengeance! I have gone from expensive creams to the cheapest in my quest to find a cure. So I finally decided not to bother myself any more with expensive creams since they are not working.

I use body shop tea tree facial wash  and will start using natural products that can be found at home like bicarbonate of soda as an exfoliator, nutmeg and milk mask, lemon and honey mask and finally Aloe vera.

Fingers crossed something will work soon.


  1. awww! since u are going the natural way you could try black soap (not dudu osu) to wash your face and grapeseed oil to moisturise.

    I have some black soap so feel free to come for some :)

    1. Thanks Aloted. Interestingly I asked my mum to send me some last week. I will take you up on your offer and will drop by yours over the weekend.

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